Tuesday, 1 January 2013

About me

Six years ago after meeting one of my soulmates, I knew my life was about to change forever. The energy I felt about the friendship was stronger than I imagined. I felt like the whole world was under my feet whenever we were together. The peacefulness reminded me of how heaven was like and how we were not seperated. Being silence when we were together was never an embarrassment.

At the time when we needed to part, I was devastated. I could sense my heart dropping down to the stomach, feeling the full force of gravity. I could not figure out how I could live without living near him. It's like my happiness depended on him. Why had I not feeling like this before with someone else?

With this question in mind, I started my long journey of searching. On my way, I was lucky enough to meet people who were teachers to me on my spiritual path. Each of their stories reminded me of the true essense of life which was not just about the physical world. No, it never was. It was more than that. We are here to learn lessons and cultivate our souls so that we can go to a higher level one day. Soulmates meeting is the wake up call.

The energy you have with a soulmate is not the same as what you have with someone you know. Your soulmate is not just someone. He/She is a key person in life to help you on your journey of spiritual path. Even though everyone around you thinks you are crazy, no, you are not.

When I was in my lowest point, I got no help because no one seemed to understand the phenomenon---the pull of the heart, the argument beween logic and intuition, etc.
Therefore I hope my experience can shine some lights on your doubt and hopefully ease your pain.

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