Friday, 25 January 2013

soulmate separation and tarot psychic readings

Are tarot or psychic readings the right answers to healing?

Soulmate separation is one of the hardest and the most challenging things for people to go through. You are so sure that you two are soulmates and yet you dont understand why you two need to go to opposite ways. No matter how hard you try, you just dont seem to be able to move on. The worst thing is that sometimes friends may not understand the connection that you have shared with your soulmate and they just treat it as some ordinary relationship and keep telling you things like "he/she is not worth it", "The best is yet to come." "There are a lot of fish in the sea." Those things just wont help because the pull that is in your heart just wont let you go. When we are in this soulmate separation period, we have to understand that there are works for us to do--the inner work. Meeting a soulmate usually triggers our deepest issues and it's a signal from the universe that we have to look deep into these issues and work with them and hopefully come out fresh.

At the beginning, we often overlook the inner issues that have been highlighted by the connection and often seek reassurance. We want people to tell us that some day our soulmate will return to us and we also want to know the time and date of their return. At this point, we will often find fortune tellers or readers to conduct readings for us and to tell us about our future. Many will also jump from readingt to reading and seek comfort. Usually the readings do not help much because they are just quick fixes. After each reading, we will feel released for a few days or a few weeks, then after a while, the old demons just creep in again and we need another reading again. So the cycle goes on and on.

We have to understand that readings will not give us answers. If the readers are good, they will usually tell you the lessons that you have to learn in this connection and you have to work through the lessons. Some readers will tell you whatever you want to juice out all your money. So jumping from one reading to another is dangerous, it can be addictive and it wont be good for your finance.

What are the lessons of my connection? You may ask. Well, seriously you have to look back and find out why this separation gives you so much pain. Is it because you need to learn to deal with rejection? Is it about learning to let go? Are there any wounds that were formed during your childhood? Were there any abusive relationships you had had in your past? Stop asking when he/she will come back to you and start asking what you need to learn. As soon as you find out your own lessons and learn to cope with them, you will find yourself leaving the old behind and your whole life will become lighter than before.

Asking psychics will not make your soulmate come back and often their answers will only feed your ego and make the pain go away temporaryly. To get rid of the pain, you need to work with your issue and understand that pure love does not lead to pain, love is love and without being with your soulmate, the love between you two is still there. We do not need to see it in order to believe it. Your soulmate runs away from you does not mean he/she does not love you. It's just that they have their own issues to work on and you have yours. Often there are reasons for you two to seperate and work on things on your own before you can come together again. Have faith in God/Universe. Listen to your heart and your heart will lead you to healing. Do not use logic, feel things, feel your path and you will meet people who inspire you and lead you to healing.

It's time to stop the readings and start working on issues. Follow your intuition and your heart and you will be led to the path of healing.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Why do we have soulmates?

When you meet a soulmate, it's time to look beyond the pond to seek answers to face your own demons.

When we hear the word "soulmate", the image of a couple holding hands and walking to the path of future happily ever after will come to our mind. If someone tells you that meeting a soulmate is not about being together forever, you might not believe it because that message of being together is what you have been told all these years by online dating sites, media, novels and movies. If you have met your soulmate and you parted, you might automatically think that the one who got away is not your soulmate but your heart tells you that yes, he/she is your soulmate.

What we have to understand is that meeting a soulmate does not mean happily everafter. Meeting a soulmate simply means that we are ready to be awaken and get rid of the old way of thinking in order to walk our spiritual path in this lifetime. Meeting a soulmate also means that we have to experience the essence of love in the purest form without the human understanding of love--which often is need and want. We are educated to want and need love instead of finding love within ourselves and feeling whole without being with anyone but yourself. We are whole all the time. It's just that you need to feel it inside rather than seeking outside for no one in this world is responsible for our wholeness.

If you are not happy after parting with your soulmate or after your soulmate leave you, then you depend on someone else to give you happiness, that's one form of need and want. The pain you feel is the good indicator. We need to understand that love is not about being with your soulmate forever, love is about sharing your wholeness, your happiness with your partner. Love is about sharing your wholeness, NOT about being completed by another.

When we meet a soulmate, that means we need to learn the highest form of love--that is unconditional love. We love whether the soulmate is with us or not.

Sometimes soulmates wake us up and point the directions of solving the issues we have always had. Soulmates highlight our issues and make us face issues that have been buried deep in our subconscious mind. For example, if you are afraid of abandonment, your soulmate will magnify this issue and you have to face it. Pain in our heart is the indicator that we have things to be dealt with.

Soulmates carry a special energy --- that is the powerful love energy that trigers our issues and let us face those demons with love. If we are not blinded by the human definition of love and open to healing, we can get the most out of it and come out to the other side more relaxed and released.

The one who runs away also has demons to deal with. After both of you have dealt with your demons and release from your own pain, if both of you are calm and feel the peace, you might get a second chance. But whether you choose to be together or not, it does not matter anymore as you have learnt the true meaning of love--the unconditional love, the purest form of love. 

So dear readers, now it's time to look deep within yourself and see what the demons are. You have to look beyond the mirror or the reflection of the pond to find the answers. The answers are within yourself.

Love is two individuals sharing the joy of wholeness rather than seeking completion from each other!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Have I met my soulmate?

When you gaze into each other's eyes, you see yourself looking back at you.

Have I met my soulmate? Many of you may ask after meeting him/her for the first time and feel something more than just physical attractions. Only your soul knows if he/she is your soulmate because your soul feels things that the eyes cannot see. But why am I having doubts if he/she is my soulmate? Well, the human brains/mind needs reassurance and proof. Even your soul has told you that he/she is your soulmate, your mind still wants evidence or something that can be seen. That's ok. At some point, you are bound to know if he/she is your soulmate. There are signs that are sent by your soul to let you know.

The following list can help you identify a soulmate.

--- The first time you meet, you just have inner knowing that this is your soulmate. You feel familiarity between you two. When your eyes meet, neither you nor him/her look away because you are comfortable gazing into each other's eyes.

--- You feel a bit of a pull in your heart sometimes and your soulmate's name comes up in your mind.

--- You feel the freedom of being yourself in front of each other because you are sure that your relationship is based on more than just physical attractions. Even when there are disagreements sometimes, you feel that it's normal and respect him/her. You do not feel the need to change him/her to fit you.

--- A sense of peace comes to you when you are together. When both of you are experiencing silent moments, you do not feel the pressure to find something to talk about to fill the gap, you just relax and enjoy the silent moments together.

--- You have dreams about him/her sometimes. Not those wet dreams. But dreams that carry significant meanings. It's like your soul is trying to convey a message about you two in your dreams.

--- Even before you meet, you are stirred to something that foreshadows the meeting. For example, you suddenly visit the country where your soulmate is living. Or you suddenly are interested in the culture of your soulmate before you meet each other.

--- Your conversations are free floating. You do not need to think hard to come up with a topic in conversations. Conversations just keep going. Sometimes you find out that your interests are similar.

--- Even if he/she is not your type, you are fine with it not because of compromise but because you feel the lightness of the soul/heart when you are together.

--- You kinda sense the future of you two. You know things that are about to happen to him/her before they happen.

There are many more signs to determine if you have met your soulmate. Like I said, only your soul knows if you have met your soulmate. When you do meet one, that means you are ready to face something that your soul prepares for you.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

About me

Six years ago after meeting one of my soulmates, I knew my life was about to change forever. The energy I felt about the friendship was stronger than I imagined. I felt like the whole world was under my feet whenever we were together. The peacefulness reminded me of how heaven was like and how we were not seperated. Being silence when we were together was never an embarrassment.

At the time when we needed to part, I was devastated. I could sense my heart dropping down to the stomach, feeling the full force of gravity. I could not figure out how I could live without living near him. It's like my happiness depended on him. Why had I not feeling like this before with someone else?

With this question in mind, I started my long journey of searching. On my way, I was lucky enough to meet people who were teachers to me on my spiritual path. Each of their stories reminded me of the true essense of life which was not just about the physical world. No, it never was. It was more than that. We are here to learn lessons and cultivate our souls so that we can go to a higher level one day. Soulmates meeting is the wake up call.

The energy you have with a soulmate is not the same as what you have with someone you know. Your soulmate is not just someone. He/She is a key person in life to help you on your journey of spiritual path. Even though everyone around you thinks you are crazy, no, you are not.

When I was in my lowest point, I got no help because no one seemed to understand the phenomenon---the pull of the heart, the argument beween logic and intuition, etc.
Therefore I hope my experience can shine some lights on your doubt and hopefully ease your pain.